What Black History Month Can Teach Us About Resilience

Scientists say these 10 major cities could become unlivable within 80 years. Full story: Image source: VCG/Getty: An aerial view of Shanghai, China, in 2016.


Preparing for resilience in disasters

With large-scale disasters from coast to coast fresh on the minds of many, the importance of emergency preparedness is especially pertinent.

Most recently, for example, more than 20,600 structures were collectively destroyed or damaged in the Camp and Woolsey fires in California, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, or Cal Fire. The death toll for the Camp Fire is at 86 people and three for the Woolsey Fire.

Not only are these large-scale disasters dangerous, but costly. The economic impact of the recent California fires is still being calculated, but the current price tag for property losses alone was estimated to be as high as $19 million, according to analytics company…


What Black History Month Can Teach Us About Resilience

Black History Month is celebrated in February and Women’s History Month in March. At a time when so many people in both groups are repeatedly told that they’ll never be able to achieve success, author Dr. Dee Carroll asserts that we all have the power to reach our goals, no matter our circumstances.

“While Black History Month offers the opportunity to celebrate our strength and resilience, we have much more to overcome. However, this culture of low expectations shouldn’t be used as an excuse. Don’t allow that to be a stumbling block; use it as an incentive to move beyond!” Dr. Carroll says.

Having faced huge challenges in her own life, Dr. Carroll says that the only one who can keep you from success is you. She encourages people to stop focusing on their obstacles, and look inward to their personal strengths that can propel them to the kind of life they’ve always wanted…


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