Should You Crack Your House Windows for a Hurricane?

strongest hurricanes
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A flooded house might not be as ‘terminal’ as a bushfire or cyclone but the clean-up is just as invasive

Authorities have begun the huge task of assessing the damage to properties affected by floods in north Queensland, with more than 1,500 homes having already been assessed so far.

Meanwhile, Tasmania and New South Wales are dealing with the fallout of massive bushfires and the damage it has caused to homes in the area.

So how does flooding affect a home and does it have the same impact as a cyclone or a bushfire?

TimberED Services’ engineer Geoff Boughton says depending on the kind of flooding, a home that has been hit by water can still be saved.

“[A flood] is quite invasive but it’s not as terminal for the structure itself as something like a bushfire or a very severe cyclone,” he said.

But it might not be your first impression upon first walking into a recently flooded house that has already been cleared by authorities for electrical issues…


Should You Crack Your House Windows for a Hurricane?

By definition, a hurricane is a powerful tropical storm in which wind speeds exceed 74 miles per hour for an extended period of time. These storms start and gain their momentum over warm ocean waters, but they frequently venture from their watery birthplaces onto dry land. When a hurricane hits land, it can have devastating effects. There are many things that people who are unlucky enough to find their homes in the path of a hurricane can do to minimize the effects of the storm…

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