5 steps to creating a mentally healthy workplace

State schools must practise debating and other resilience skills to compete with the old boys network of Eton, education secretary says

State school pupils must practise debating and public speaking to compete against Eton old-boys in the workplace, the education secretary will say.

Damian Hinds wants to ‘call time’ on the concept of ‘public school confidence’ and make sure pupils from all backgrounds can hold their own.

In a major speech today, he will point out that character and resilience are just as important as qualifications for future success.

And he will urge schools to help children take part in confidence-building activities such as debating and team sports to develop skills for their futures….


5 steps to creating a mentally healthy workplace

ImageFlexible work hours, manageable workloads and open communication can help foster a mentally healthy work environment.(Unsplash: Kaleidico/Pixabay: holdentrils/ABC Life: Juliette Steen)

Each year one in five of us will take time off work because we feel stressed, anxious, depressed or mentally unhealthy. This figure is more than twice as high (46 per cent) if you’re someone who considers your workplace mentally unhealthy.

The thing is many bosses don’t get how big of an issue this is, and nearly half of all senior managers believe none of their workers will experience a mental health problem at work.

University of NSW lecturer and mental health expert Carlo Caponecchia says both employers and employees benefit when workplaces prioritise mental health.

“You’re going to have people who are healthier and happier and more committed to your organisation,” he says.

“There will be reduced absenteeism, increased commitment and job satisfaction.”

Grant Blashki, a GP and beyondblue’s lead clinical advisor, says it makes good business sense for workplaces to strive to be mentally healthy…


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