Puerto Ricans Concerned That $20 Billion Recovery Plan Is ‘Not For The People’

new zealand
New Zealand town sizzles through its warmest morning in 157 years. Full story:


Tasmania Is Burning Up And Things Could Get Worse This Week

Australia’s blistering heat wave began in December and has only intensified since then. So far the country has had record runs of hot days and its hottest night ever recorded. Now, catastrophic bush fires have turned the Tasmanian sky red and conditions are expected to become more calamitous later this week.

The Tasmania Fire Service has been battling dozens of blazes across the state over the weekend and into the start of the week. The largest fire is burning near Lake Echo and nearing 100,000 acres in size. Numerous other fires and challenging conditions have stretched the fire agency thin.

“The fire danger rating exceeded forecast conditions today, with some areas reaching ‘severe,’” the agency wrote in a press release on Monday.

The southern half of the state has been particularly hard-hit where fires have burned parts of Southwest National Park that’s listed as a World Heritage Area by UNESCO. Fire have also crept into local towns, and there are unconfirmed reports that structures have been lost to…


Puerto Ricans Concerned That $20 Billion Recovery Plan Is ‘Not For The People’

César Díaz felt lucky that only a couple of leaks had sprung in his ceiling, even though Hurricane Maria tore the zinc panels off much of his roof. His real troubles began about a year after the storm, when a crew hired by Puerto Rico’s housing department showed up to make the repairs.

“They weren’t very professional,” Díaz said. “They didn’t wear gloves, and they asked if I had an extra piece of wood.”

Within days, there were new leaks. Not only in the living room but in the bedroom, over his daughter’s crib.

“None of those were there before,” he said, pointing to a half-dozen brown splotches in the ceiling. Díaz, a music teacher and member of the town council in the hard-hit municipality of Loiza, knew that many of his neighbors were still waiting for repairs…




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