Global Natural Catastrophe Report 2019

If US health care were a country, it’d rank seventh in the world in total emissions. Getty Images/Tetra images RF Doctors are frightened by climate change. Their industry is a big part of the problem. Read on:


“Do One Thing” to prepare for the next big disaster

Medford, Ore — While the threat of natural disaster exists all the time, emergency preparedness is often on the back of our minds. The City of Medford wants to make it a priority for Medford residents. The Rogue Valley is primed for any number of natural disasters. “Anything from a potential house fire, to winter time floods to severe weather, to an earthquake,” said Medford Emergency Manager Melissa Cano.

So the City of Medford is planning for the worst, and asking residents to “Do one Thing” a month to prepare. “Do One Thing basically means we’re trying to really push that people do one simple step per month that way by the end of 2019 people will be that much closer to being prepared at home,” said Cano…


Global Natural Catastrophe Report 2019

2018 was a big year for natural disasters. From the devastation of Hurricane Michael and Hurricane Florence in the US, to Typhoon Jebi in Japan, and extensive flooding in China and India, Aon’s ‘Weather, Climate & Catastrophe Insight 2018 Annual Report’ has assessed the global economic cost at USD225 billion. From an insurance perspective, it was the fourth costliest year on record at USD90 billion, while 2017 and 2018 were the costliest back-to-back years for weather disasters.

Freeze, flooding and windstorms in the UK

Closer to home, drought played a part in Central and Northern Europe, leading to economic losses of USD9 billion but, despite our own long dry spell, it was freeze, flooding and windstorms that caused the biggest losses in the UK for 2018. Storm Emma and the ‘Beast from the East’ paralysed the country for much of February and March, causing insured losses in hundreds of millions. Eleanor and Friederike, two January windstorms, caused nearly USD3.0 billion losses for European insures, however, only two percent were incurred in the UK. In October, Storm Callum inflicted economic losses worth 10s of millions of dollars as thousands of UK businesses and householders were left without power following extensive flooding in Northern Ireland, Wales and western parts of the UK….


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