As environmental catastrophe unfolds, we need architecture that is more than just green

Puerto Rico received lopsided hurricane disaster aid compared to Texas and Florida, study says

In 2017, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria hit the United States in August and September. The storms blamed for the deaths of more 3,000 people and caused billions of dollars in damage.

Although all three hurricanes were destructive, a new study from online journal BMJ Global Health indicates the US federal response to the hurricane disaster in Puerto Rico was lopsided compared to the response in Florida and Texas.

Using public data, BMJ created a timeline of staff and funding coming directly from FEMA to those affected by the hurricanes. The study focused on measures of federal spending, distributed federal resources, and direct and indirect storm-mortality tolls. The study says its results show the federal response was faster and “more generous” in terms of funding and staffing for Hurricane Irma in Florida and Harvey in Texas than for Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a self-governing US territory whose citizens are Americans….


As environmental catastrophe unfolds, we need architecture that is more than just green

“Cities are environments and eco-systems in themselves – how animals have adapted to urban living is a vast and fascinating subject in itself.” – Darran Anderson

The Science Advisory Committee published a report in 1965, titled Restoring the Quality of Our Environment, for American president Lyndon B Johnson. It warned of the “possible effects of an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide”, including melting of the Antarctic ice sheet, rise of sea level, warming of sea water and increased acidity of fresh waters.

We need not imagine the parallel world where these concerns were not comprehensively dealt with, because we are living in it. The environmental catastrophe they envisaged is now slowly unfolding around us.

Each day seems to bring new alarm. NASA reports that Antarctic glaciers are “waking up” and dramatically losing ice. The 2018 Arctic Report Card notes “unparalleled warmth” in the Arctic. Recent research published in Nature has suggested climate change is intensifying the rainfall in hurricanes, predicting this is just the beginning. Studies across the world have demonstrated the catastrophic impact of human activity on insect ecosystems with numbers plummeting, endangering the food chain…


One thought on “As environmental catastrophe unfolds, we need architecture that is more than just green

  1. very good idea. if we cant control pollution and degradation of land , air and water, we can be able to have more control over the quality of architecture/buildings in a more greenish manner


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