Shocking pictures reveal Australia heatwave tragedy

Integrated Coastal Community Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction in Demak, Central Java

In Demak, Central Java, natural forces exacerbated by human activities have escalated coastal erosion to the point of damaging the ecological system and jeopardizing opportunities for socio-economic activities in coastal areas.  To mitigate the impact of coastal hazards and strengthen community resilience, the Indonesian Red Cross/Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI), with support from international partners, implemented the Coastal Community Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction Project (CCR-DRR).

In the project, PMI worked with village volunteers to create Community Based Action Teams (CBAT) to conduct vulnerability and capacity assessments, collaborate with local authorities and scientists, develop sustainable livelihood initiatives to fund risk reduction measures, and implement small-scale mitigation efforts like planting coastal vegetation.  Focus group discussions with community…


Mozambique: Severe Flooding Hits Beira

Cyclone Desmond swept up the Mozambique Channel on Tuesday, and though it did not make landfall on the coast of Sofala province, it brought torrential rains and serious flooding, particularly to the provincial capital, the city of Beira.

According to the National Meteorology Institute (INAM), 277 millimetres of rain fell in Beira on Tuesday, turning the streets into rivers and affecting around 120,000 people. The water was a metre deep in parts of the city.

Despite recent improvements in the city’s drainage system, Beira remains at serious risk from extreme weather events. Parts of the city are below sea level, and major storms always worsen coastal erosion…


Shocking pictures reveal Australia heatwave tragedy

water hole

The devastating toll of an extreme heatwave creeping across Australia has been laid bare in grisly pictures of a heartbreaking discovery in the Red Centre.

The photographs show the bodies of dozens of brumbies that were found by a dry waterhole at Deep Hole, about 20km northeast of Santa Teresa in the Northern Territory last week, reports.

Arrernte artist and activity engagement officer Ralph Turner stumbled across the horrific scenes and his pictures show masses of dried up and partially decomposing carcasses strewn across the bone dry waterhole…

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