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World Bank to double climate adaptation & resilience financing

World Bank to double climate adaptation & resilience financing

The World Bank Group will double its financing of climate change adaptation and resilience related projects, with one area of focus being the delivery and facilitation of financial protection instruments that can help countries respond early to, and recover faster from, climate and disaster shocks…


Nets ‘n’ Lasers: some of our best hopes for mitigating the threat of space debris

debris 2

In 60 years of space exploration, we’ve placed almost 7,000 satellites in orbit. Less than a third still function. The rest is dangerous junk – and their number is growing. Here’s how we might mitigate the threat…


Canadians can now apply for funding to build wildfire resiliency in their community

Canadians can now apply for funding to support their local Wildfire Community Preparedness Day activities, and join municipalities from coast to coast in a national effort to reduce wildfire risk to local homes and environments.

Successful applicants can use funding from May 5, 2019 through October to host Wildfire Community Preparedness Day events that raise awareness of wildfire risk, help protect homes, and encourage neighbourhoods to improve wildfire resiliency through “FireSmart” activities including proper maintenance and clearing of dead or combustible vegetation, wildfire-resilient landscaping, and using fire-resistant roofing materials.

This annual, national program was launched by FireSmart Canada in collaboration with

The Co-operators, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction. In 2018, a total of $47,000 was awarded to 94 successful community applicants across Canada…


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