Investing in Forest Health

Investing in Forest Health

Controlled burn operations, like this one near Yosemite National Park in July 2017, help manage fuel loads and decrease the severity of wildfires. (Photo courtesy of the US Forest Service)

As the wildfire dubbed “Camp Fire” scorched Northern California’s Butte County last fall, creating tragedy in the town of Paradise and canceling school throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, one amazing claim stood out: This was the deadliest fire in the state’s history. We may be accustomed to superlatives in the reporting of disasters, but most recent record-breakers center around damage, not deaths. Disasters tend to cost more as time goes on, because everything costs more. But human lives are a different measuring stick. The nation’s deadliest hurricane came in 1900; its deadliest earthquake in 1906; and the deadliest tornado in 1925. Even as climate change strengthens the power and frequency of some of these natural disasters, improvements in communications, transportation, and medical treatment have greatly reduced the death toll. The fact that California’s deadliest fire comes in 2018 underscores the magnitude of the wildfire problem…


Argentina and Chile Strengthen Disaster Response

In mid-November 2018, the Argentine and Chilean armed forces conducted two joint and combined humanitarian assistance exercises. The tabletop exercises took place simultaneously in both countries, November 12-16.

Exercise Solidarity 2018 was conducted at the Chilean War Academy’s Tactical Operational Training Center (CEOTAC, in Spanish) in Santiago. Exercise Southern Patagonia 1 was conducted at the Argentine Army’s Rospentek Military Garrison, in Río Gallegos, a city in the Argentine Patagonia. A total of 90 service members gathered for Solidarity 2018, under the coordination of the joint chiefs of staff of Argentina and Chile. In addition, 80 elements of the neighboring countries’ armies took part in Southern Patagonia 1.

The objective of both exercises was to check on staff’s preparation in case of emergencies or natural disasters. Through the exercises, the forces seek to reinforce coordination and interoperability among their troops…


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