Hyundai designs 4-legged walking car that could help during natural disasters

How technology advances natural disaster response

Natural disasters seem to be occurring more frequently in recent years and create a backlog for property and casualty insurers who want to ensure policyholders recover and stay ahead of the next event. Insurers are increasing their reliance on technology both pre- and post-catastrophe to support their policyholders.

Amid the emotional process of assessing damages and developing a recovery plan, policyholders turn to insurance providers for guidance during the process from start to finish. Insurers are essential in mitigating policyholders’ losses quickly and efficiently to maintain customer satisfaction. Today, technology plays a critical role in this process…


1 year after the devastating mudslides: Then-and-now photos capture Montecito, California

On Jan. 9, 2018, the Southern California town of Montecito became overwhelmed with destructive mudslides after a potent storm prowled through the area.

Heavy rain that had fallen on burn scar areas from the devastating Thomas Fire, which had raged only several weeks prior, triggered waves of flowing mud, rock and debris, which came crashing down onto homes and roadways. Hundreds of homes were damaged or destroyed.

The debris flow claimed 21 lives with two people still missing, according to Santa Barbara County Fire Public Information Officer Mike Eliason.

Eliason shared before and after imagery of Montecito on Twitter to mark the one-year anniversary of the mudslides…


Hyundai designs 4-legged walking car that could help during natural disasters

Hyundai’s Elevate walking car concept (Hyundai/PA)

Extendable legs help the concept step over gaps as wide as five feet to reach those in need. Hyundai is hoping to save lives during natural disasters by designing a walking car that could help climb over tricky terrain to reach those in need.

The South Korean automotive giant is calling its Elevate concept the first Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV), featuring four extendable legs each with wheels, giving it the ability to change the way it moves depending on the situation, offering both mammal and reptile-like walking gaits…


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