How do you teach children to be resilient? Ask a limbless veteran

IBM’s new weather system will use smartphone sensors for better forecasts. Full story:


Here’s why Amazon would buy an obscure Israeli company that specializes in disaster recovery

Resilience means having a good plan to recover lost data. This requires backing up tons of information, especially the data that is used to run critical corporate systems, which can be everything from payroll to factory machines to high-speed trading. Backing up data that fuels operations can be a surprisingly complex task, particularly when that data needs to be called up quickly to keep the business running…


How do you teach children to be resilient? Ask a limbless veteran

When the IRA bomb exploded, Darren Swift, an army dog handler in Belfast, had several split-second decisions to make. One of his legs had been blown off; the other, along with two fingers, was hanging by a thread.

His first instinct was to shoot himself, he now readily admits, but unusually, as he was feeding his dog at the time, he was without a weapon. The second was to rip off his remaining leg to enable him to drag his body more quickly to safety.

It is gory, vivid and explicit material to present to a class of 11- and 12-year-olds on a crisp morning in the home counties. But Swift’s story is part of a new project, Making Generation R, where limbless veterans help build resilience in young people…


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