How resilience underpins employee wellbeing

workplace resilience
‘Resilience’ well-being programs may not work. Full story:

The Gift of Resilience

Resilience is a superpower. Some people are born with resiliency, many more aspire to it, and the grateful and fiercely resolute actually achieve it.

Resilience draws from our personal reserves and takes a healthy blend of gritty determination, grounded faith, and strongly held values like gratitude, compassion (for oneself and others), and a willingness to step back and find the higher meaning.

Several months ago, my son (a senior in college) and I made a commitment to ourselves and each other to cultivate our resiliency in our everyday lives in order to grow more intentionally—both on a personal and a professional level.

Our aim has been to meet head-on the inevitable trials that life throws our way and start viewing obstacles as a chance to build our resiliency muscle. In other words, we want to learn to embrace everything and to recognize how much we miss when we rashly judge a situation as “good” or “bad” in the moment. We want train ourselves to view life from a different vantage point than our usual comfort zone. What we have learned has surprised us…


How resilience underpins employee wellbeing

Having high levels of emotional intelligence has been linked with improved wellbeing and resilience. With this in mind, L&D teams have an important role to play in developing collective resilience among employees through times of high pressure and disruption.

Greater individuality, along with reduced community and social responsibility, mean that the basic human emotional needs required for individual wellbeing are no longer being met.

What are the root causes? The world is becoming ever more complex and demanding. Globalisation, greater competition and rapidly evolving technology have transformed the workplace. And pressures and demands in society have only served to compound the impact on our daily life…


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