Why Team Resilience Is The New Employee Engagement

Sue Lister calls for show of Resilience in International Women’s Week

“Everything is changing so fast and every day seems crammed with new choices and challenges, crises and opportunities. Yet life goes on,” she says. “How do we do it? Perhaps you have a story to tell or an idea to share: what is resilience all about and what does it mean to you?”

Sue’s Real People Theatre Company will be auditioning for Resilience, its 20th show for York International Women’s Week, on Saturday from 1pm to 3pm at the Tesco Community Room, Tadcaster Road, York.  Directed by Sue, the company’s co-founder and artistic director, the show will include stories, poetry, music, images, interactive scenes and “anything else the all-women cast can come up with focusing on the theme of resilience, whether personal, local or global”.

“How do we survive and thrive as we try to bring about a brighter future?” asks Sue, who will hold rehearsals for Resilience on Saturday afternoons in January and February, again at the Tesco Community Room.

“Having survived yet another Christmas, safe and cosy at home but with news of another tsunami and more tensions around the world, my thoughts are focusing ever more strongly on the resilience we’ll all need in the coming year.,” continues Sue…


Feeling stressed? Try the Community Resiliency Model

An alliance of local nonprofits and health-care providers wants you to chill out in the New Year. In fact, they’d love to show you how.

Behavioral health professionals with Community Care of the Lower Cape Fear, in cooperation with the Resiliency Task Force, Smart Start and SEAHEC, conducted one-day workshops in November for 58 area nurses, educators, law enforcement officers, hospital and hospice workers and other caregivers in what’s known as the Community Resilience Model (CRM).

The copyrighted CRM is a technique for raising community awareness of stress and its negative factors, as well as teaching ways to reduce it…


Why Team Resilience Is The New Employee Engagement

“Team resilience is different because you measure a particular list of attributes that provide clear direction for improvement.” Image source: Adobe Stock

The Society For Human Resources Management Annual Conference is the world’s largest human resources event, and their exposition hall is one of my favorite conference experiences. The attendees are festive, the drinks are flowing, the swag is plentiful, and there are hundreds of vendors representing every aspect of the employee experience ready to chat your ear off.

In the mix are representatives of dozens of companies who claim to have the key to fixing all of your employee engagement problems through the latest piece of software. I have an annual ritual with this group – I go up to as many of them as possible and ask one simple question: What does employee engagement mean? Without fail, I get a different answer from each and every person I ask.

In this simple exercise, we discover why fixing the “employee engagement” problem is so hard. No one – not even the experts – can agree upon what it means! Thus, it ends up being like the junk drawer of the modern workplace – a category to use for every employee-related strategy that doesn’t fit neatly somewhere else…


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