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The cost of natural disasters this year: $220 billion

Deadly tsunami raises questions: Are we ready for disaster?


As Indonesia reels from the carnage of yet another natural disaster, authorities around the globe are working on how they can prepare for the kind of freak tsunami that battered coasts west of Jakarta this month.

The Dec. 23 tsunami killed around 430 people along the coastlines of the Sunda Strait, capping a year of earthquakes and tsunamis in the vast archipelago, which straddles the seismically active Pacific Ring of Fire…


The cost of natural disasters this year: $220 billion

Natural disasters cost $220 billion this year according to the Zurich-based reinsurance company Swiss Re.

The United States, which was hit particularly hard, suffered through Hurricanes Michael and Florence, the California wildfires and Hawaii’s volcano eruption, all of which are on the list of the most expensive global disasters of 2018…

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