The Secrets to Dealing With Rejection, According to Experts

Five Habits For Successfully Managing Workplace Conflict Image: Getty Full story:

Workplace ‘resilience’ programs might not make any difference

Workplace resilience programmes, designed to bolster mental health and wellbeing, and encourage employees to seek help when issues arise, might not make any difference, suggests research published online in Occupational & Environmental Medicine.

These programmes are becoming increasingly popular in the belief that they are not only good for employee mental health, but also for employers’ overheads, despite relatively little sound evaluation of their effectiveness, say the researchers.

In a bid to address this, they compared the impact of a resilience-based programme, called SPEAR (358 participants), with standard training (349) in 707 new military recruits…


The Secrets to Dealing With Rejection, According to Experts

Rejection hurts. And it hurts regardless of who is rejecting you or how you’re getting rejected.

Research confirms it, finding that when people get rejected, they often feel jealous, lonely and anxious.

What’s more, we tend to incorrectly interpret the hurt we feel, viewing rejection as an indication of our self-worth, leading us to feel even worse, says Guy Winch, a psychologist and author of Emotional First Aid: Healing Rejection, Guilt, Failure, and Other Everyday Hurts.

But even though it’s painful, rejection can actually benefit you. Getting rejected can build resilience and help you grow and apply the lessons you learn to future setbacks, Winch tells TIME. Of course, to reap the benefits, you have to deal with rejection in the right way…


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