Resilience: A necessary quality for solid leadership

Preparing babies for emergencies in storm and bushfire season

Enough water — check. Food for three days — check. Enough thought paid to people with special needs — check.

But what happens if you’re a mother with a bottle-fed baby and the right advice for your particular situation is almost impossible to find?

I felt like a failure when I couldn’t breastfeed my first-born baby, Archie.

Looking for advice then about how to bottle-feed was frustrating.

I cried, I lost precious sleep. I spent hours trying to find advice from lactation consultations, from breastfeeding support groups and from maternity health nurses — but I felt that most were geared towards encouraging breastfeeding, even when it wasn’t working…


Resilience: A necessary quality for solid leadership

A great leader addresses the current resilience level of the organization or the people on their team. – 123RF

If there is one certainty, it’s that we live in uncertain times. Markets ebb and flow, work priorities shift, staff come and go, and you could be transferred or reassigned. Leaders today are bombarded with roadblocks, setbacks, letdowns, rejections, and failed attempts at success. The question then is not how can we avoid stress and difficult situations, but how do we face it, overcome it and recover?

Resilience is a business and organizational issue that appears to be in high demand, if sustainability or growth is the vision. However, more often we think of resilience from a personal perspective. We picture an individual who has had a mental or physical setback or has personally gone through a traumatic experience. We don’t usually think of a leader who went through an incredibly tough year in the workplace and grew to be a better leader because of the experience. Although personal resilience is important for a leader, it is also a key element of effective leadership…



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