How to Design Semi-Permanent Structures

How to Design Semi-Permanent Structures

Natural disasters continue to leave thousands of people homeless every year, forcing them to seek refuge without any alternatives. On many occasions, cities cannot cope with refugees, limiting their resources. In addition to this, the difficulties to sustain refugees in a dignified way, becomes increasingly complex, leading to the collapse of conventional strategies.

It is at this moment when innovation and creativity play an important role in construction practices, ultimately creating a quicker and more efficient construction model that can be replicated after natural disasters…


Australia Survey Reveals Psychological Stress on Emergency Workers

martin plc
The survey found that emergency workers in Australia are about twice as likely to suffer severe psychological distress or be diagnosed with a mental illness than the general population. FILE – Armed tactical response officers and emergency workers attend the scene after a cafe siege in the central business district of Sydney , Australia.

As emergency services battle catastrophic bushfires in Queensland and clean up after cyclonic conditions in New South Wales, world-first research in Australia has revealed the mental health burden borne by first responders. It has found high levels of psychological distress among police officers and other emergency personnel, with a quarter of retired first responders reporting experiences of post-traumatic stress disorder.

A modified Boeing 737 passenger aircraft drops 15,000 liters of water on fires near the Queensland city of Mackay.

Across the state, emergency crews have been battling more than 100 bushfires.

Further south, Sydney, Australia’s biggest city, was pounded Wednesday by a once in-a-100-year storm. An emergency volunteer died in the huge clean-up operation.

Greg Murphy is from the New South Wales State Emergency Service.

“I can confirm that one of our members, one of the SES family, collapsed and died today while on an SES job,” Murphy said. “Our sympathies are with the family and all of their colleagues that are actually feeling the effects of this sad event.”

For the first time research in Australia has painted a detailed picture of the psychological health of past and present police officers and other emergency service personnel. The charity Beyond Blue surveyed 21,000 people…



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