Alarming report lists Australia in the top 10 for the world’s most devastating natural disasters – causing $38billion worth of damage

Climate report finds natural disasters are getting worse; where will they hit hardest?

There have been about 11 natural disaster in the U.S. this year, each costing more than $1 billion.

The Montoyas survived Houston’s Hurricane Harvey.  Nearly a year and a half later, they are living in just one bedroom of their house, because they can’t afford the repairs to the rest of their home.

“It became really overwhelming, so I sat, and I just prayed, and I just said, ‘I’m going to leave it at your feet,’” says Monica Montoya.

The Montoyas could be any of us. The locations in the path of natural disasters are changing, whether it’s floods, freezing or flames.

“We’re starting to see fires where we haven’t seen fires before,” says Professor Jennifer Balch, an earth lab director at the University of Colorado.

The client expert says forests are drying out, because global temperatures…


When Reporting On Natural Disasters, Is There A Coastal Bias?

If there’s a hurricane headed toward the East Coast, you can count on days of breathless coverage. But when it comes to the wildfires ravaging the West Coast — specifically, California — according to some news analysis, the coverage does not compare.

On this week’s edition of Beat the Press, Emily Rooney was joined by Dan Kennedy of Northeastern University, Joanna Weiss of Experience Magazine, former CNN White House Correspondent Dan Lothian and Lylah Alphonse of U.S. News and World Report…


Alarming report lists Australia in the top 10 for the world’s most devastating natural disasters – causing $38billion worth of damage

Australia was ranked tenth worldwide for the cost of damage caused by natural disasters such as cyclones and floods. Pictured is the Ingham in north Queensland in March

Another alarming statistic was that the Asia-Pacific region was identified as the world’s most disaster-prone.

The region was hit by around 40 per cent of the 335 disasters recorded worldwide in 2017 and accounted for almost 60 per cent of disaster-related deaths.

More than 200 million people worldwide are affected by natural disasters each year, which is expected to increase…


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