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U.N. Scientists: El Niño Likely to Develop in Next Three Months


Alaska hit by more than 230 small earthquakes since Friday This aerial photo shows damage south of Wasilla, Alaska, after earthquakes Friday. Source:

How Satellites and Big Data Are Predicting the Behavior of Hurricanes and Other Natural Disasters

Hurricane Harvey, for example, unexpectedly flooded large parts of Houston despite abating wind speeds. That storm inspired Descartes scientists to build the program they now use, though they were too late to apply that data to recovery efforts. While Descartes Labs has been in touch with FEMA and other organizations, there’s no official use for the data they’re collating…


U.N. Scientists: El Niño Likely to Develop in Next Three Months

The United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization has issued a warning that an El Niño weather event could occur in the next three months. El Niño is a naturally occurring phenomenon that brings unusually warm and nutrient-poor water to the Pacific Ocean near the equator, creating temperature changes that can cause extreme weather around the world. According to the UN, there is a 75 to 80 percent chance of a weak El Niño event forming in the next few months…

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