Why Do Older Adults Always Pay The Highest Price In A Disaster?

© Provided by ABC News Bushfire near Agnes Water, south of Gladstone in central Queensland at 3:00am on Monday, November 25, 2018, looking south into Lot 21 from Cove Estate. Read on: https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/queensland-bushfire-forces-more-residents-to-evacuate-while-others-allowed-home/ar-BBQamp5?li=AAgfYrC&OCID=ansmsnnews11

More than 100 bushfires burn across Queensland

An emergency warning has been issued for a bushfire burning in the Mackay region on the Queensland coast with expectations the blaze will have a significant impact.

Central Queensland residents have been told to immediately evacuate as firefighters work to control more than 100 bushfires burning through the state.

At least 245 crews are working to control the blazes which authorities say they expect conditions to remain over the next few days…


Why Do Older Adults Always Pay The Highest Price In A Disaster?

“Seniors abandoned amid blaze.” That was the headline in my local paper, the Press Democrat, on Wednesday of Thanksgiving week. I live in northern California and we see a lot of shocking headlines reflecting a post mortem of the deadly 2017 fire in Santa Rosa, but this one was especially painful to me because I care so much about the lives of older adults, both in my community and elsewhere. Fortunately, in this case the residents, some in a memory care unit and others in an independent living retirement community, were able to evacuate with the help of first responders and relatives who lived nearby. No one died that night, but several died within days from the shock and stress of the event. The staff was clearly overwhelmed and the company had no plan for evacuation. Employees fled to save their own lives…

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