Why disaster relief is so hard

How the environment is connected to economic growth — and how to boost both Full story:

British summer temperatures could rise by five degrees over next 50 years, major report to warn

British summers could become more than five degrees hotter on average over the next 50 years, a major report will warn today.

The UK Climate Projections 2018 report will say that the heatwave conditions experienced across Britain this year could become the norm.

By 2070 average summer temperatures could have climbed by five degrees, leaving Britain at increased risk of water shortages and grassland fires, while winters will also rise by around four degrees.

At a speech launching the report at London’s Science Museum today, Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary, will call for urgent action to tackle the warming climate, protect coastal areas from sea level rise, and make Britain’s transport…


Why disaster relief is so hard

he devastating Camp Fire has raged for two weeks now and, according to the latest estimates, has killed 81 people and destroyed more than 150,000 acres of land. The town of Paradise, with a population of 26,000 people, was destroyed. Meanwhile, many of the survivors are in limbo, living in overcrowded shelters, tents and temporary housing. Relief organizations across the state are fundraising to support the Camp Fire survivors, but it’s anticipated that it will be a long time before most of them are housed.

Helping after a disaster is logistically complicated, and made more so by the fact that major disasters usually destroy infrastructure. To some extent, the more severe the disaster and impoverished the victims, the harder it is to help….


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