People Who Persist in Reaching Their Goals Have Mastered This 1 Thing

Book review: Ten Traits of Resilience: Achieving positivity and purpose in school leadership 


If you’ve not encountered James Hilton before, he’s the author of Leading From the Edge, a raw and thoughtful account of leadership within education and how he moved beyond a nervous breakdown he had owing to work-related stress. So he definitely has the credentials talk to educators about resilience. However, this is not a book of authorly self-pity, but a much more useful “how-to” for those working in a profession beleaguered by many pressures…


People Who Persist in Reaching Their Goals Have Mastered This 1 Thing

As a psychotherapist and author of books on mental strength, I’ve observed the stark difference between individuals who reach their goals and those who give up along the way.

When some people set their minds to do something, they did it. They got out of debt, lost weight, or got their college degree. Others, however, struggled to stay motivated and gave up before reaching their dream.

What makes some people persist, bounce back, and overcome challenges while others make excuses, give up after their first failure, and throw in the towel?


People who crush their goals are confident they can handle feeling uncomfortable. They’re willing to tolerate some short-term discomfort when they know there is going to be a payoff in the end…

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