Wildfire Smoke Could Shorten Californian Lifespans

What would happen if a solar storm hit Earth?

While flares can disrupt radio communication on Earth, solar storms pose the greatest threat. Each storm contains the energy equivalent to 100,000 times the world’s entire nuclear arsenal, although this is spread throughout an enormous volume in space.

A violent storm on the Sun could cripple communications on Earth and cause huge economic damage, scientists have warned. Why are solar storms such a threat?

In 1972, dozens of sea mines off the coast of Vietnam mysteriously exploded.

It was recently confirmed the cause was solar storms, which can significantly disrupt the Earth’s magnetic field.

Today, the effects of a similar event could be much more serious – disrupting the technology we rely on for everything from satellites to power grids. The cost to the UK economy alone of an unexpected event has been estimated at £16bn.

There are good reasons why we are vulnerable to events taking place millions of miles from Earth…


Wildfire Smoke Could Shorten Californian Lifespans

Every day, rescuers at the ongoing Camp Fire in Northern California are discovering a new body of somebody’s loved one, burned or suffocated to death. They’re often pulling these people from the ashy rubble of their former communities. This daily activity has no known end date; it must continue until all 870 missing people are found. And even then, the ultimate toll of what has become the deadliest wildfire in U.S. history will be unknown. For some, the long-term affects of breathing in smoke could bring about an earlier end to their lives…

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