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How Real-Time Information Can Assist Insurers During Natural Disasters


Here’s how one home survived the hurricane in Mexico Beach, Fla. Full story:


Hurricane-Damaged Air Force Base Has an Opportunity to Rebuild for Resilience

Rebuilding the hurricane-wrecked Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida will come with a massive price tag, but experts say it offers a chance to make the base more resilient to the effects of extreme weather.

Videos and photos taken after Hurricane Michael hit Tyndall as a Category 4 storm last month showed hangars with torn roofs and downed trees. Tyndall soon reported it had suffered “widespread catastrophic damage.” Personnel evacuated ahead of the storm, as did some of the pricey F-22 Raptor aircraft housed there….


How Real-Time Information Can Assist Insurers During Natural Disasters

At every phase of disaster preparation and recovery, time is of the essence. Today, social media platforms allow authorities to share critical updates with the public instantaneously and coordinate relief efforts. It also allows those in need to request assistance from first responders. That’s what happened when Hurricane Harvey hit the United States in August 2017.

As the leading edge of the hurricane made landfall, local emergency systems became inundated with urgent requests for help. With no one aware of their plight, many…

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