Hurricane Michael is looking even more violent on closer scrutiny

Scale of California’s Deadly Camp Fire Shown in Satellite Photos

This annotated DigitalGlobe image overlays location information on a view of the deadly Camp Fire in northern California taken Nov. 9, 2018 by the WorldView-3 satellite. Credit: Satellite image ©2018 DigitalGlobe, a Maxar company.

As wildfires continue to burn in California, new satellite photos show the massive scale of the deadly Camp Fire that has devastated the state’s northern town of Paradise.

The new wildfire photos, taken Friday (Nov. 9) by DigitalGlobe’s WorldView 3 satellite, show striking views of the Camp Fire as it continues to grow in northern California. Natural-color satellite photos show thick smoke from the fires around Paradise other nearby towns. Other views taken with WorldView-3’s shortwave infrared instrument, which can peer through the smoke, reveal the fire lines as the wildfire spreads….


Hurricane Michael is looking even more violent on closer scrutiny

Gage Wilson and David Segal, technicians for the U.S. Geological Survey, were roaming the obliterated city of Mexico Beach when they spotted the missing sensor.

It was a barometer that USGS employees had deployed in advance of Hurricane Michael, a pressure gauge housed inside a two-inch-diameter aluminum tube. The employees had noted the specific spot where it was to measure the storm: “Barometer located on second light post from Highway 98 in pier parking lot.”

But there was no more light post after Michael destroyed just about everything here with a massive storm surge and intense winds when it made landfall Oct. 10.

The USGS desperately needed that sensor to make an accurate estimate of the storm surge that barreled through Mexico Beach. Eleven days after Michael hit, demolishing most buildings in this seaside town, Wilson and Segal found the shiny cylinder, propped up vertically in front of the splintered ruins of a house as if hoping someone would find it….

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