Tsunami: Is the Northern Territory’s coastline at risk of being hit by a devastating wave?

Yolanda: Post-disaster management innovations

Uncoordinated response, a lack of equipment, and a lack of able personnel.

These were among the challenges faced by the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (PDRRMO) during its response to the havoc inflicted on Northern Cebu by Super Typhoon Yolanda in November of 2013.

“Before Yolanda, we did not have any system. The office was there but it was only more on response. When there’s a calamity, I would still have to call and look for Capitol employees who can help us out,” recalled PDRRMO head Baltazar Tribunalo.


Five years since Yolanda’s wrath left a trail of devastation in 16 areas of Northern Cebu, much has been improved; but there is yet a long way to go….


Mayor of tsunami-hit city stresses resilience and inclusivity at U.N.

The mayor of Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture, which was devastated by the 2011 tsunami disaster, stressed Monday how resilience and inclusivity are necessary for rebuilding the city as he spoke at the United Nations to mark World Tsunami Awareness Day.

“The inclusive and accessible society to my knowledge is where no one is left behind. We want to be a model city of inclusive society globally,” Rikuzentakata Mayor Futoshi Toba said at a high-level event co-sponsored by the tsunami-hit countries of Japan, Chile, Indonesia and the Maldives.

Toba, 53, who lost his wife and many colleagues in the disaster, recalled how a 47-foot wall of water triggered by a major earthquake “completely wiped out” his city, claiming 1,800 lives….


Tsunami: Is the Northern Territory’s coastline at risk of being hit by a devastating wave?

Photo: Tsunamis can wreak colossal damage, killing people and destroying infrastructure. (Supplied: Adobe Stock)

Every year, Australians face down cyclones and bushfires, but should tsunamis be given more consideration?

The Northern Territory hosts some of Australia’s most beautiful coastline, but just north of its placid waters, infested by crocodiles and deadly jellyfish, lies another potential danger — fault lines that could cause devastating tsunamis.

Earthquakes generated at these fault lines have resulted in some of the worst natural disasters in history, and experts believe the NT is not free from the danger.

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