The Power Of Resiliency — And How To Prepare For The Coming Storms

Disaster-proofing Southeast Asia’s poor

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In a world with warmer atmospheric temperature, the already observed changes to the climate are expected to further worsen, resulting in increasingly more frequent and intense weather events. For vulnerable Southeast Asians living in disaster-prone conditions, climate-related events will not only continue to dominate the risk landscape, but also threaten to undo their hard-earned economic development.

For the Vietnamese city of Da Nang, its location along the central coastline of the country makes it a suitable hub for transportation, services, and tourism…


The Power Of Resiliency — And How To Prepare For The Coming Storms

During her 2017 book tour, Facebook COO and best-selling author Sheryl Sandberg taught me to appreciate the power of resiliency, and I continue to be indebted to her, especially during the June through November hurricane season. Along with a friend who joined me for Sandberg’s talk, I marveled at what we had heard. We agreed that Sandberg seemed to exhibit superpowers.

Shortly after Sandberg’s husband, Dave Goldberg, died unexpectedly and suddenly in May 2015, she teamed up with another best-selling author, the Wharton professor Adam Grant, to co-author Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy. Writing the book helped her deal with her grief as well as recover. Less than two years after the loss…

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