Black swans and how to find them: national approaches to managing risk

Resilience Expert Jim Davidson Now Exclusively Represented by Executive Speakers Bureau

Executive Speakers Bureau is proud to announce its exclusive representation of resilience expert, Jim Davidson, for all keynote speaking engagements.

Jim Davidson shares motivating keynotes and workshops on personal resilience, resilient teamwork, and resilient leadership. Jim’s story of resilience began in 1992, when a snowbridge suddenly collapsed during a climb of Mount Rainier, dropping Jim and his friend into a hidden crevasse deep inside the glacier. Sadly, Jim’s friend did not survive the fall, and Jim had to find a way up the dangerous ice wall… alone. In his keynote presentations, Jim shares a story of determination against all odds and a lesson in how to overcome adversity when it seems there’s no way out…


Black swans and how to find them: national approaches to managing risk

black swan
“Anticipating and preventing ‘black swan’ events remain a key consideration of all high-level risk assessments, particularly for those related to national security.” – Paul Barnes, head of the risk and resilience program at ASPI.

For a risk manager, few metaphors resonate more than that of a ‘black swan’ event. Equally interesting is the historical link between this term denoting low likelihood but extremely significant disruptive events and Australia. Europeans thought black swans didn’t exist in nature until the early exploration of southeast and western Australia established their presence and delivered an anomaly to extant beliefs of natural history.

In popular media, Nicholas Taleb describes a ‘black swan’ as follows: ‘First … it lies outside the realm of regular expectations, because nothing in the past can convincingly point to its possibility. Second, it carries an extreme impact…

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