Jamaica; Resilience of People.

Parts of Australia are set to be hit with a heatwave in the coming days. (Weatherzone)

Earthquake preparations major component of disaster management

Earthquakes and tsunamis are an ever-present threat to Jamaica. The country’s location on multiple geological faults subjects it to up to an average of 200 earthquakes per year.

This natural disposition, Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) Director General, Major Clive Davis, told JIS News, is the reason earthquake and tsunami preparations are critical components of the entity’s Disaster Management Programme.

He said that lives can be saved by following the procedures that exist to prepare for and manage such disasters.

While persons are aware of the safety measures during an earthquake, such as standing in a strong doorway or crawling beneath a desk or table, there are things that they can do before a seismic event in order to mitigate damage and loss…


Jamaica; Resilience of People.

Every year during hurricane season, I think back to the summer of 2007 when my family and I vacationed on the Caribbean island of Jamaica and witnessed the resilience of people there. As we planned the trip, I paid little attention to the fact that we would be traveling during potentially treacherous hurricane season. The days leading up to vacation were consumed with wrapping up loose ends at work. My husband and his sister, who spent their childhood living in Jamaica, were excited to plan the trip. To them, the fact that it was hurricane season was no big deal. They took charge of the planning and I was content to have them do so….


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