Florida’s catastrophic damage from Hurricane Michael, as seen from above

UK recruits ‘resilience advisers’ for post-Brexit fallout

The British government is seeking to recruit a team of “resilience advisers” to handle the potential fallout from a chaotic Brexit.

The positions, which pay up to about $66,000, are meant to mitigate disruption as the UK exits the European Union, according to an advertisement on the government’s recruitment page.

Brexit opponents pounced on the news. A spokesperson for the People’s Vote campaign, which is seeking a referendum on any eventual deal between the UK and the EU, said: “Brexit is turning into a total dog’s dinner — even the government knows it, which is why they’re now advertising jobs for new civil service emergency workers to try and handle the massive disruption of their botched Brexit.”


The contracts will last for nine months until June 2019 “with the possibility of extension,” according to the ad — suggesting the government is not expecting a smooth transition period.

Successful candidates will join the Resilience and Emergency Division of the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, which helps communities “respond to and recover from civil emergencies of all types.”…


Florida’s catastrophic damage from Hurricane Michael, as seen from above

Mexico Beach resident Scott Boutwell told CNN, “everybody’s homes are gone…There’s nothing left here anymore.”

Hurricane Michael is among the worst storms the US has ever experienced. The Category 4 hurricane brought winds of 145mph, hitting five states and killing at least seven people. Over 1 million households are without power, and much of the Florida Panhandle faces “unimaginable destruction,” according to the state’s governor Rick Scott…

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