What happens when you buy a house in a disaster zone – and no one told you?

Azwar / AFP / Getty Images What was a hotel in the city of Palu. Source: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/remysmidt/photos-tsunami-earthquake-destruction-palu-sulawesi-indonesi

Lessons From Katrina: This Organization Tries to Get Hurricane Florence Survivors Home Quicker

After Hurricane Florence made landfall in the Carolinas, the USDA’s Forest Service staff and FEMA coordinated to evacuate and rescue residents. Coaches and students at a school in mountainous Asheville, North Carolina, which was not affected by the storm, collected money and supply donations for neighbours. Volunteer firefighters from Oregon made the trek to North Carolina to help clear debris and deliver meals.

But this is just the beginning for North Carolinians whose homes have been destroyed.

“This deadly storm has left a lasting impact on families, neighbourhoods, and communities across a wide swath of our state,” Gov. Roy Cooper said in a statement. “Now is the time to pull together to help our fellow North Carolinians recover from Hurricane Florence and rebuild even stronger, and smarter, than before.”

Flooding is ongoing, but after floodwaters have cleared, contractors and volunteers will have to rebuild homes and clean up mold, spillage from septic systems, and other debris…


What happens when you buy a house in a disaster zone – and no one told you?

In many states, laws don’t require sellers to disclose that a property is in a flood or wildfire area, leaving homeowners with unexpected damage and losses.

The house on Weber Hill Road is almost a year gone, but it still haunts Emilie Hayes. Thirteen years ago, when she and her husband Steve bought the Missouri property in a foreclosure sale, Hayes vaguely knew that it was in a 100-year floodplain. But the purchase put her children in public schools ranked among the top in the state, and the Meramec river was a whole two miles away. A trickle of a creek that cut behind the house was too small to merit a name. In Sunset Hills, flooding seemed a distant, rare hazard…


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