Women masons help build stronger homes in quake-hit Nepal

Asia natural disasters
String of disasters exacts heavy damage, human toll in Asia! In this Sept. 17, 2018, file photo, rescuers retrieve a body they recovered at the site where victims are believed to have been buried by a landslide after Typhoon Mangkhut lashed Itogon, Benguet province, northern Philippines. Typhoon Mangkhut, one of several powerful tropical storms to sweep through Asia so far this typhoon season, hit in mid-September. In the Philippines, the storms triggered landslides and flooding that killed at least 68 people. Latest government estimates put the damage at more than 33.7 billion pesos ($622 million), just in the Philippines – and many millions more in Hong Konghttps://flipboard.com/@flipboard/-string-of-disasters-exacts-heavy-damage/f-17f4408af8%2Fapnews.com and China.(AP Photo/Aaron Favila) Source:


The Difficulty of Counting the Death Toll from Hurricane Florence

On the third day of Hurricane Florence’s march through the Carolinas, Dazia Lee, a twenty-year-old who worked at an Amazon warehouse, left her home in Charlotte, North Carolina, to take her one-year-old son, Kaiden, to visit his great-grandmother, outside the city. In Charlotte, it was barely raining, but as she followed country roads toward areas more intensely affected by the storm, she encountered a barricade of orange barrels. But, as she told a local TV news crew, “I saw cars coming in and out so I thought . . . ” Shortly after bypassing the barricade, her Hyundai Elantra hydroplaned and was swept…


Women masons help build stronger homes in quake-hit Nepal

On a recent summer morning, Suntali Rai was busy counting and stacking zinc sheets as she prepared to lay them on the roof of the house she had started building a month earlier.  If it didn’t rain, she planned to finish the roofing in a couple of days. Within a week, she said, she should be done with the two-room concrete house.

Then her family would finally be able to move out of their wrecked wooden home, which has been almost uninhabitable since an earthquake shook the country three years ago.

“Sometimes we don’t sleep, (but) rather keep our eyes open for the entire night when there happens to be heavy rainfall, because the rainwater keeps coming inside the house,” said Rai, 28.

“We can’t stay here anymore.”…

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