How to prepare for a hurricane: Safety tips for before, during and after

In photos: Typhoon Jebi lashes Japan See gallery:


Chile and the Philippines: Cooperation in natural disasters

The recent earthquake in the island of Lombok in Indonesia, with its toll of casualties and material destruction along with the floods in the Philippines and India recently are expressing the presence of recurrent natural disasters that have stricken the region since time immemorial.

But the difference from the past is that climate change and global warming are currently playing a major role in terms of their frequency and the scale of destruction associated with them.

The international community has been striving in order to have a common response to tackle the incidence of climate change by agreeing on a set of political commitments over which international instruments such as the Paris Agreement are the cornerstone to deal collectively through a multilateral, concerted response, to address these issues…


How to prepare for a hurricane: Safety tips for before, during and after

Fortunately, hurricane season in the U.S has been milder than early summer forecasts predicted, but we’re far from out of the woods. The North Atlantic Hurricane Season spans from June 30 to November 1, and tropical storm Gordon, responsible for at least the death of one in Florida, a child, remains an active threat along the Gulf Coast.

One can only hope that hurricane season dies down without any more catastrophes, but for the next couple of months, those of us in high-risk areas need to be prepared for the worst…

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