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Counting the cost of Japan’s natural disasters

Counting the cost of Japan’s natural disasters


A strong earthquake that struck Hokkaido on Thursday was the latest in a series of costly natural disasters to hit Japan in 2018, amid concerns over the cost to the country’s tourism sector and aging infrastructure.

The 6.7-magnitude quake left seven people dead, 2.95 million homes without power and saw rail travel and hundreds of flights canceled across the region.

The disaster struck less than two days after Typhoon Jebi, Japan’s strongest tropical storm in 25 years, battered the west of the country. The typhoon flooded Kansai Airport near Osaka, with officials saying the country’s third largest airport could be closed for as long as a week….


Floods, Earthquakes, Record Heat: A Look At Japan’s Summer Of Disasters

Floods, typhoons, earthquakes and a record-shattering heat wave — the summer of 2018 has been an unusually destructive and deadly one in Japan, even for a country prone to natural disasters. The latest include an earthquake and typhoon which hit this week…

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