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How Natural Disasters Widen the Wealth Gap Between Minority and White Communities

How Natural Disasters Widen the Wealth Gap Between Minority and White Communities

Wealth inequality dramatically increases between white communities and communities of color in the U.S. following a natural disaster, a new study found.

According to the study by Rice University and the University of Pittsburgh, in counties badly hit by natural disasters — areas with at least $10 billion in damages — white communities gained an average $126,000 in wealth following the damage and recovery efforts.

Yet, for Blacks, Latinx, and Asians living in counties hit hard by natural disasters, these communities saw their wealth decrease by an amount between $10,000 and $29,000….


Wildfires And Energy, Will California Get It Right?


California is poised to vote on a bill advanced by both chambers, which is “intended to protect ratepayers and help utilities pay for wildfire damages.” That piece of legislation is Senate Bill 901, more commonly known as the “California Wildfire Bill.” California is in a bit of a predicament as the state imposes “inverse condemnation” on utilities if electrical equipment is a substantial cause of a wildfire. From a practical standpoint, inverse condemnation holds utilities strictly liable for civil damages resulting from wildfires even the utility acted prudently and was not “negligent” in caring for its infrastructure…


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