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Key to lifelong good mental health – learn resilience in childhood

Change Is The New Normal. How Will You Handle It?

How has your business changed in the last year? Moving HR and IT to the cloud? Did you migrate products or essential internal systems to the cloud? Are AI and big data changing your business? Have you digitized your customer-facing interactions? Maybe you entered a new market or discovered your most powerful competitor is a company that didn’t exist two years ago. The pace of change is relentless. Instead of anticipating known…


Key to lifelong good mental health – learn resilience in childhood


Power in positive relationships. Olga Enger/

Poor mental health among young people is on the rise in the UK, while access to support and treatment remains patchy. There is now a pressing need to build resilience in young people to minimise their risk of poor mental health later on, as our latest report argues.

There are 12.5m young people in England, and one in ten will experience poor mental health. Half of all lifelong mental health problems start before the age of 14, but only one in four young people uses mental health services. An extra 23,800 staff, at a cost of £1.77 billion, is needed so that every young person who needs mental health support can get it. In the short term, though, this is unrealistic…

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