Better mental health support needed for men!

Better mental health support needed for men!

Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50 in the UK! Men working in construction in England are up to three times more likely to kill themselves. Long hours, lack of job security, loneliness, poor wages and a macho atmosphere are often blamed. Working in construction is a male dominant environment, as we know men don’t often talk about their feeling and issues and therefore are less likely to seek help.

A Men’s Health magazine survey of 15,000 readers revealed that 56% admitted to having suicidal thoughts and 70% of the men surveyed said they would not describe themselves as “living with high levels of positive mental health”.  Social media has also played a significant part in poor mental health with 80% of men comparing themselves to people on Instagram and 81% of men feeling self-conscious about their bodies…


AutonomoUs artist collective to highlight resilience

Cindy Luu ‘17 realized what it meant to be a survivor from a young age. The writing, literature and publishing major wrote her senior thesis, How Do You Love, as a collection of short essays explaining her struggles as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. She is now creating AutonomoUs, an outlet for all types of artists to tell their stories of survival.

AutonomoUs will operate both as a website and an annual magazine that shares stories of personal resilience relating to issues like abuse or identity struggles.

“We want to support things that paper can’t adequately convey for the filmmaker or musician,” Luu said. “Now, I am creating a multimedia platform which will be able to support them as they are supporting me.”

Every issue of AutonomoUs will highlight a different theme. The first issue, “A-Z of Emotions,” is set for release on March 20, 2019 and will integrate all types of media, including print, film…


John McCain’s gift to his daughter was a lesson in resilience

John McCain’s gift to his daughter was a lesson in resilience

Meghan McCain’s eulogy for her father, US senator John McCain, on Saturday (Sept. 1) has been described as a “swipe” at US president Donald Trump, and a “fiery” rebuke of his political approach. But beyond the politics, McCain’s speech was also a heartfelt commemoration of her relationship with her father, and of the important lessons he imparted to her.

Perhaps one of the most moving anecdotes from her speech related to a moment when her father taught her the importance of moving forward with dignity after experiencing failure or pain….

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