Bahamas Just 17% Ready For Disaster

The Extreme Events Institute takes a broad approach to saving the world from what Mother Nature dishes out. Read on:


Resilience and mental health workshop for young Tasmanians

Rural Youth Tasmania has partnered with Headspace and Rural Alive & Well on a workshop to help young Tasmanians build resilience and cope with life’s stresses on Saturday.

The workshop includes personal stories, tips on building resilience and flexibility, identifying signs that someone might need a friend and information on where to go or who to talk to….


Bahamas Just 17% Ready For Disasters

The Bahamas is just 17 percent prepared to cope with major disasters, an Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) report highlighting its “low progress” despite exposure to hurricanes.  The multilateral lender, using its iGOPP governance and public policy index to measure The Bahamas’ readiness, rated this nation as weak in virtually all aspects of disaster preparation, management and response. Its assessment, conducted last year, found this nation had made “very limited progress” in disaster recovery planning and needed extra financial protection to reduce “its fiscal vulnerability against the occurrence of disasters”.  The Bahamas received 12 percent and 13 percent scores in these two areas, respectively, and earned just six percent for “risk identification and knowledge”. It fared slightly better with 15 percent for its….

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