Conquer Burnout With These 5 Ways to Cultivate Perseverance in Your Employees

Conquer Burnout With These 5 Ways to Cultivate Perseverance in Your Employees


Despite all of their fame, fast-paced working styles and incredible perks, tech companies are struggling to keep employees happy. Even Facebook is now battling a reputation associated with high turnover rates and low morale following the Cambridge Analytica scandal that saw the profile data of 87 million users illegally pinched.

The scandal has provoked several Facebook employees to speak out about their lack of faith in the organization, but it’s more than just security concerns that have made workers think about moving on.

Burnout is a growing problem in the U.S. workplace. Common workplace conditions — long hours, high pressure and constant connectivity — have deteriorated individuals’…


One Easy Step Toward Building Resilience

A tree with a gray plastic trunk and an ever-growing crown of leaves made from green construction paper sprawls across windows in Duke University Hospital’s Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit. On each leaf, there’s handwriting.

Some leaves feature short messages from patients and families sharing how well they were treated by the unit’s staff. On other leaves, nurses have written brief compliments about co-workers.

The tree is more than decor for the unit, which houses patients dealing with, among other things, heart surgeries and heart and lung transplants. For staff members who face their share of difficult, stressful days, the “Gratitude Tree” provides a place where members nurture their resilience by surrounding themselves with green paper representations of good things…


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