California Wildfires Are Causing Billions in Damage. Who Will Pay?

California Wildfires Are Causing Billions in Damage. Who Will Pay?

In the past few decades, wildfire season in California has expanded from a few months each year to a year-long phenomenon. This summer’s Carr and Mendocino Complex fires — which together have burned more than 400,000 acres of land in Northern California — follow a string of smaller but still disastrous blazes earlier this year and last…


Tackling environmental disasters in Nigeria

Workers remove dead mangroves during a clean-up in Rivers State, Nigeria November 1, 2017. Photo by REUTERS/Afolabi Sotunde

How UN Environment is working with communities in the northern city of Kaduna to reduce environmental risks

Kaduna city, in northwestern Nigeria, is a bustling metropolis of about 1.5 million people. Established from quasi-virgin territory by Lord Frederick Lugard in 1912, it was initially a garrison town which then morphed into the regional capital of the then Northern Protectorate.

Today, the urban centre, located along the Kaduna River, is a thriving commercial hub famous for its textile and garment industries, which have been in existence since the colonial era. Among other industries, the city hosts chemical plants, refineries and petrochemical facilities, vehicle assembly lines, fertilizer processing companies, breweries, and defense units…


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