Mental resilience: Do leaders need to be born with it?

What resilience tells us about entrepreneurs

According to a recent survey, outlined in the report ‘Gender Differences in Entrepreneurship’, around 600 entrepreneurs and the same number of venture capital investors ranked resilience/perseverance as the most important attribute for a successful entrepreneur.

What’s it called when you feel like crap and want to chuck it all in and go live in the jungle away from anything that even remotely reminds you of your bloody business, but still manage to drag yourself out of bed to get ready for a breakfast meeting even though you were up until 3am trying to sort out the latest minor mishap on this brainwave project you thought sounded like a brilliant idea but might actually have been a brainfart of epic proportions?  Resilience? Or insanity? Not entirely sure which. There’s probably some overlap there. I’ll go with resilience for now…


The Resilience Project

The Corvallis community embetterment organization, The Resilience Project, will be holding their first annual “Summer Games” from August 18 – 26. Teams of five will be charged with completing a series of tasks designed to foster community togetherness and morale. From the looks of this event, Corvallis is about to become much more interesting for the duration…


Mental resilience: Do leaders need to be born with it?

We all admire those who have achieved great success following adversity. Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times before his lightbulb moment came, while Bill Gates’ first business failed miserably. Success eventually came in a spectacular way for both men but what kept them going when all seemed lost?

Dogged determination to see the task through to the end takes a certain degree of mental toughness. Where others give up without knowing how close they were to the finish line, great leaders have the strength of mind that drives them to go beyond the limits…


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