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How the money donated to Hurricane Harvey relief was spent

Hurricane Maria stirred up dangerous pollutants on this Puerto Rico waterfront

Tucked in the southwest corner of Puerto Rico, the town of Guanica sits on the edge of a small bay that’s only about a quarter of a mile wide. Rafael Rodriguez, a commercial boat captain who has lived in the area his entire life, says that the water is dark, calm, and relaxing. In Guanica, he says, the waterfront is where people gather….


How the money donated to Hurricane Harvey relief was spent

harvey money

“The sheer volume of supplies doled out is staggering, including 12.8 million meals served and 83.8 million pounds of food” [Photo: Flickr user RM]

In late August 2017, Hurricane Harvey slammed into Houston and outlying areas of Southeastern Texas, causing $125 billion in damages while killing at least 100 people and radically changing lives of at least 13 million more.

Then hundreds of millions in relief poured in. One year later, nonprofit evaluator Charity Navigator has the first look at what was raised, how it was spent, and what needs remain among those affected. At least 5.4 million donors gave around $774 million to 32 crisis response and aid groups, according to a new report by the evaluator…


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