Natural Disasters Impacting Delinquency Rates

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Natural Disasters Impacting Delinquency Rates

Delinquency was down in May compared to last year, according to the latest Loan Performance Insights Report from CoreLogic. In May 2018, delinquencies went down by 0.3 percent, falling to 4.2 percent compared to 4.5 percent in May 2017. Additionally, CoreLogic noted that the foreclosure inventory rate went down by 0.2 percent year over year, from 0.7 percent in May 2017 to 0.5 percent in May 2018….


Minister Commends Women’s Resilience

Minister for Women, Chil­dren and Poverty Allevia­tion Mereseini Vuniwaqa has commended the resilience of the women of Navotua Village, Ya­sawa.

She’s also made special praise of their income-generating project which involves a commodity widely found in the Yasawa Group – coco­nuts.

“I am really pleased to see the re­silience shown by the women of the village of Navotua in making use of their surrounding environment and natural resources, creating a business that generates income not only for their villages, but for their families as well,” Ms Vuniwaqa said.

She highlighted the importance of family support for the women and their business enterprise….

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