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Building heat resilience into multifamily housing

NBU introduces requirements to ensure resilience of banks following stress tests in 2018

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has introduced requirements to ensure resilience of the banks following their stress testing as part of the annual resilience assessment in 2018, according to a report on the central bank’s website.

“First, in the event of capital shortage according to findings of the annual resilience assessment of the banks including the results of the stress testing under the baseline scenario, the banks are required to develop a recapitalization program. This program is expected to envisage an increase in capital at amount being either greater of two values: the sum estimated based on the results of the first two stages…


Disaster-Risk Management in Laos

In July, Lao PDR experienced significant increases in water levels due to heavy rains from the southwest monsoon. The adverse effects were exacerbated by Tropical Storm Son-Tinh, which blew through several provinces in the south on July 18. The tropical storm damaged one of seven dams in a large hydroelectric network along the Xe-Pian River, in Attapeu Province…


A hotter topic: Building heat resilience into multifamily housing


Roofer Rob Nolfi applies a reflective topping on a rehabbed roof in North Philadelphia. Cool roofs help keep temperatures down when the city heats up. (Irina Zhorov/The Pulse)

Summers are getting hotter in Philadelphia. The average daily temperature in the eastern half of Pennsylvania has risen about two degrees Fahrenheit in the last three decades. Since May, the city has experienced 17 days with high temperatures above 90 degrees and three above 95, according to the Pennsylvania State Climatologist. And it’s predicted that temperatures will continue to climb: By the end of the century, the city may experience four to 10 times as many days per year above 95 degrees…


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