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8 Ways To Increase Your Mental Resilience And Avoid Burnout

Developing resilience as a senior

Resilience is the ability to keep going in the face of adversity, an important skill for us all to practice as life tends to throw quite a few curveballs our way. While some psychologists have argued that resilience is an inherent trait, which you either have or don’t, others believe it can be learned and developed. As a senior living professional, I like to believe the latter group…


8 Ways To Increase Your Mental Resilience And Avoid Burnout


It is easy to miss the signs of burnout until they are already there. Burnout can affect anyone, and is increasingly used to describe a common set of symptoms facing everyone from employees to leaders. While not in the diagnostic manual used by psychiatrists, it is now used as an everyday term to explain the fatigue, stress, anxiety, and psychological stress people feel when they are overworked, have difficulty focusing, or feel a loss in motivation….

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