Problem with ‘resilience narrative’

Talking Cyber Resilience with Felicity March

The risk of a business threatening cyber-attack is ever present today. Ransomware locks up data making it hard for businesses to operate. The impact is so bad that an increasing number of companies are paying to getting their data back.

At the same time, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) can sit inside a system for months before activating and attacking. The question many struggle with is will a good Disaster Recovery (DR) or Business Continuity (BC) plan get the company back up and running?

In March of this year, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) issued a draft publication on Cyber Resiliency. One person who knows a lot about the subject is…


Why resilience is actually bad for us as a nation

If there’s one thing to be proud of as a Filipino, it is our immense capacity to remain hopeful and positive amidst adversities. In fact, this sunny disposition has garnered us a net score of +84 in a survey done by  US-based firm Gallup International, putting us in the 3rd spot of happiest places on earth.

Other countries may find this level of resilience admirable. It may be a source of pride to be recognized as one of the happiest people in the world. Our ingenuity and positive spirits are considered to be our weaponry in dealing with negative events–from natural disasters, crimes, to even something as mundane as excruciating traffic….


Some Filipinos are tired of ‘resiliency’ narrative during disasters

A vehicle lies on its side among debris along a road after flash floods brought by continuous monsoon rains in Marikina, Metro Manila, in Philippines August 12, 2018. (Reuters/Erik De Castro)

Online Filipinos called for an end of a so-called romanticization of resiliency during the rainy season as monsoon rains pummeled the metropolis over the weekend.

Many voiced their opposition to the underscoring of Filipinos’ “resiliency” as floods covered the streets, complaining that the narrative was an undue substitute for assessing the capability of local government units to provide services during the deluge…


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