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Over 650 people killed in the UK heatwave and it doesn’t seem to be ending soon

Some Good News—About Natural Disasters, of All Things

In his posthumously published book “Factfulness,” the Swedish statistician Hans Rosling describes a paradox: “The image of a dangerous world has never been broadcast more effectively than it is now, while the world has never been less violent and more safe.” A case in point: natural disasters. The earth will always be volatile, but despite recent fires, volcanoes and hurricanes, humanity currently is experiencing a stretch of good fortune when it comes to disasters…



The Highest heatwave Temperatures in Europe (map) Read on:

Over 650 people killed in the UK heatwave and it doesn’t seem to be ending soon

The heatwave has claimed over 650 lives in the UK – and it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of deaths between June and July were 663 higher than the same period over the past five years. Doctors have warned that the elderly people with kidney and heart disease are particular vulnerable.  President of the Society for Acute Medicine said: ‘Heatwaves causing dehydration can lead to many issues, especially in the frail elderly, causing dizziness and falls through to an increased risk of infections, heart attacks and strokes. ‘The other heat-related issue is air quality can really affect those with respiratory conditions. This would have been much more prevalent in big cities…


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