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DARPA’s tiny robots to have a big impact on disaster relief

Bitcoin billionaire Brock Pierce wants to transform Puerto Rico into a crypto paradise

Hurricane Maria was one of the worst natural disasters in US history, devastating the island of Puerto Rico and destroying the entire power grid.

Harvard University estimates more than 4,000 people may have lost their lives … a bigger death toll than 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina combined.

Ten months on, thousands are still without power or safe shelter as the annual hurricane season starts again.

Yet while some see catastrophe, others see opportunity…


DARPA’s tiny robots to have a big impact on disaster relief

tiny robots

The SHRIMP program seeks to advance the development of multi-functional mm-to-cm scale robotics platforms(Credit: DARPA)

Sometimes big problems require little robots, so DARPA has instituted a new program to advance the technologies needed to build micro-robots on the millimeter to centimeter scales. The goal is to produce new power, navigation, and control systems that would allow such microbots to enter and search the holes and crevices left by natural and manmade disasters that are too small and dangerous to be dealt with by human responders or larger robotic platforms….

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