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Scientists Have Found a Disturbing Link Between Suicide Rates And Climate Change

Crop failure and bankruptcy threaten farmers as drought grips Europe

Farmers across northern and central Europe are facing crop failure and bankruptcy as one of the most intense regional droughts in recent memory strengthens its grip.

States of emergency have been declared in Latvia and Lithuania, while the sun continues to bake Swedish fields that have received only 12% of their normal rainfall…


Scientists Have Found a Disturbing Link Between Suicide Rates And Climate Change


After taking into account population growth and no less than 30 climate models, the researchers predict that hotter temperatures could result in an additional 21,000 suicides in the US and Mexico by 2050.

If you live in a region of the Northern Hemisphere that is not experiencing record-breaking heat waves this summer, consider yourself lucky. The US, the UK, Japan, Northern Europe, Western Europe, China and Mexico (phew!) are all suffering from abnormally hot and dangerous summer temperatures in 2018.  The vast majority of climate scientists agree that climate change is making these extreme temperatures more intense and more frequent, putting global public health at risk. Still, when it comes to mental health – an important but overlooked aspect of public health – the effects of a red-hot weather map are rarely considered…

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