Three Keys To Thriving In The Workplace

Kenny Chesney’s Love Note To Caribbean After Disaster: It’s About The Moving Forward

Last year, Hurricane Irma blasted through the Caribbean, leveling schools, homes and businesses, and leaving people emotionally battered. A couple of weeks later, Hurricane Maria swept through and added to the devastation. In the days and weeks after the two storms, people tried to find ways to help. Country music star Kenny Chesney, who lives in St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands when he isn’t on tour, started sending supplies and helping get people off the islands and to the continental U.S. soon after the hurricane. He also established a foundation called Love for Love City….


‘After Auschwitz’: Survivors tell powerful stories of life and triumph

“I know that my mother didn’t make it; my sister never came back,” Renee says in the documentary “After Auschwitz.” “I have no idea what happened to my father or my brother, so where am I going to go? What am I going to do?”

Renee would eventually make her way to the United States and find fame as fashion designer Renee Firestone.

Her life story and those of five other women who left the death camp to a shattered Europe are chronicled by director Jon Kean in “After Auschwitz,” to be screened from Friday through Aug. 2 at the Drexel Theatre in Columbus, Ohio….


Three Keys To Thriving In The Workplace

“Research finds that people who bring a high level of well-being to their work lives are most likely to be productive and successful, and they are most likely to be creative and helpful to others.”

Traders and portfolio managers in financial markets face uncertainty and risk daily. Some seem to thrive on the challenges; others struggle to survive. All are hired with high hopes, solid experience, and abundant motivation. So what leads some to thrive in their work and others to barely survive? It turns out that a wealth of research in positive psychology helps us understand the dynamics of thriving. Indeed, three factors stand out among thrivers and–surprise–not all of them are personality based…

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